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Welcome to Magic Buttons Bear...
a HEALING TOOL that can:
  • Help calm yourself so you can see more clearly
  • Help you stand outside your own problem
  • Help you your child to handle their problems
  • Tap as you tell that emotion or disease exactly how you feel about it
  • Help with Gestalt Empty Chair Technique in therapy
  • Be used in Addiction Therapy – let Magic BE the addiction
  • Be used in working with “Fixing” someone – “I want my husband/daughter/friend/relative to change” Let Magic BE that other person
  • Be used for surrogate tapping for a child or pet
  • Be used to show the tapping points
  • Be used for children’s nighttime prayers
  • So much more

ALL HAND-MADE. No two alike. “Magic” Healing tool!

Infused with the energy of Love and Reiki Healing. Each bear is hand made, mistakes and all to make them Unique just like we are.

Designed and Sold as a HEALING TOOL, not a toy.