Magic Uses
1. Use Magic Buttons WITH your child
Make the problems belong to Magic. You'll also form a much stronger bond with your child.
Many parents report that their children resisted tapping until Magic Buttons came into their lives. Even teenagers will let you work with them.

2. Use to heal the Little Child that YOU once were and that is still hurting within you.

3. Allow Magic to BE the 'Emotion' or 'Disease.' Click HERE for free Instructions to use with Addictions!

4. Let Magic 'BE' the person with whom you are having an issue
You can tell Magic anything. You can swear, you can yell, you can do whatever it takes to get those emotions OUT for good! (Hint: And when it’s all out – switch sides and let Magic be YOU and YOU are the person you want “changed.”

5. SEE yourself and your problem with new eyes by allowing Magic to Be YOU.
Stand outside yourself. Magic is You and you are your own therapist.

6. Use Magic Buttons as a vehicle to send healing to others. (Surrogate tapping)

Disclaimer: While EFT has been shown to be very effective with many people and seems to work very quickly with most children, you need to read about it and check it out for yourself and take your own responsibility for its use. If you have serious mental, physical or emotional problems, please consult a professional who is qualified to deal with complex cases.