Thanks so much for the work that you did with me and especially for Magic Buttons. Here I am a middle aged adult and for the first time ever am taking a stuffed animal to bed with me. When I’m too tired to tap on myself, I tap on him. At other times I just have him comfort and support me and I feel a strong connection to you.

Hello Linda,
Many thanks for your help in teaching me how to use Magic Buttons Bear. All my children are greatly taken with him and I’ve already, after just one day since working with you, tapped with all of them using Magic. Jeff is hugely captivated with the bear – has already done more tapping on Magic than he was ever prepared to do on himself before and, for the first time ever that we can remember, he got himself out of bed at night to go to the toilet rather than just lying there crying or simply sleeping through. Can’t wait for all the other changes!

JeremyAfter supper & right before bedtime, I asked Jeremy if he wanted to watch a movie w/ me about the magic buttons bear.

We both got on the couch & I pulled up the movie. The story started & instantly Jeremy was enthralled! He always seems to "feel" what he sees really easy, so I think he was genuinely concerned for the dinosaur. He kept watching intently as Magic came over to help T-rex & T-rex was tapping on Magic. When it got to the underarm point, Jeremy started giggling! (I've done EFT on Jeremy before & he's SUPER ticklish!) He even grabbed his own underarm point as if to cover it up so he couldn't be tickled there!

Then he continued watching, sort of like he knew what was going to happen next, but I think he was a little taken back by the part where Magic said "Let's do it again." He had an expression on his face like he didn't see that one coming! He kept watching & as the story ended, Jeremy's mood was happy & content w/ the ending.

When Linda Wood came on, he really hadn't expected anything else beyond credits. As she was introducing herself & Magic & tapping at the same time she was talking, Jeremy just immediately started tapping right along w/ ! Even before she started telling about the magic buttons, where the buttons were or anything, Jeremy was tapping.

After having all the buttons introduced, Jeremy got up & went upstairs; I paused the movie. Jeremy came back down w/ his own bear cuddling it just like Linda had said when she said: "We can hug Magic". Jeremy then proceeded to follow along tapping on his bear while Linda was tapping on Magic even trying to keep up w/ the words. This is difficult for Jeremy to keep up w/ something like this, but he didn't seem discouraged or frustrated at all. He just kept tapping.

Once one or two issues had been addressed, Jeremy seemed satisfied & was hard to keep attention, so I called him back to watch & listen. There were only about 2 minutes left. I repeated aloud some suggestions Linda made (ie: keep the bear in a safe place & that it's not like other toys).

When the movie was finished, I asked Jeremy if anything was upsetting him the last couple days or so that he would like to tap on. He just sort of got quiet. I told him that I didn't have to know what it was. He could whisper it Magic's ear or he could think of it in his mind & Magic would know. He said there was something that was upsetting him & he took the bear up to his room to tap. A couple minutes went by & he came back down again. I didn't say anything because I wanted him to be free to speak, so I just watched & waited. He said "I don't know why I came back down" & I asked him " Do you want me to show you where to tap on Magic while you just think about what you need to & not tell me what it is?" He simply nodded yes. I said ok & he started tapping on the bear's head. I guided him to the karate chop point next w/:

"Even though I still feel this way, I'm still a good kid & Magic's a good bear."

We said that once on the karate chop point & Jeremy went straight to the eye points & started working his way around as he watched me. We just kept repeating this same phrase. Once we got to the under the nose point, he started telling me something funny that his teacher had said at school. I let him finish his little antidote. Then I asked "So, do you still feel that way?" (referring to whatever it was he was tapping on because I still don't know). He stopped & looked up sort of quizzedly & said "I think it gone away already." I said ok (trying not to giggle at his wording & facial expression!) & we got him ready for bed.

He invited me up to see his special place he had picked for Magic to be. Magic was leaning against the wall while sitting on the highest deck of a Rescue Heroes Aircraft Carrier that was up on a shelf. Jeremy then said "That's where he'll sit everyday, but at night-time, he's sleeping w/ me!" and he grabbed Magic down & got in the bed.

Thanks for all your help!

Linda R. :)

Dear Linda,
I just wanted to thank you for "Magic Buttons" - he has given me a lot of comfort tonight. My Father is quite unwell and currently in hospital awaiting surgery for fluid on lungs. He’s already been in for nearly a week and is going downhill emotionally as a result. I got into bed around an hour ago and then suddenly felt a very strong urge to get Magic and to try and tap out as many of the issues as I could think of - feeling scared and alone, hating being in that place, being in pain, not knowing what was happening, being surrounded by old people ill and dying and thinking that he was dying himself, etc, etc. I had a major release during the scared and all alone bit but it did calm and then I tried to tap in some positives - called on all his angels and guides to be with him and surround him with healing, comfort and protection, tapped in remaining calm, also on learning any lessons to be learnt from the illness and on
releasing any unresolved emotional trauma. Finally that he would sleep easily and deeply and awaken restored and refreshed. I was then kind of praying and Magic just seemed to be looking at me with wise and sympathetic eyes.
So thank you!